Oracle Services

Today there is an ardent need to maintain databases at their highest performance levels, which are not only correct, but are also available 24/7, to meet any requirement to achieve company’s objectives. These databases are critical to the very existence of the organisations and are at the heart of any business which is dependent on IT to operate. If the existing set-up does not meet the current and future requirements, then it becomes mandatory to migrate the database to a new format, version, platform or even locations at times.

Affinity Software Data Services offer smooth migration of Oracle Databases across formats, versions, platforms or locations. Affinity Software possesses special skills and very extensive experience in migrating the mission critical systems. It understands the complexity required in delivering this, which allows minimal downtimes for changes and maintenance. Marvy Infotech understands the implications this activity has on the entire organization, on the company’s people and its very survival.

Why Affinity Software

  • Extensive experience is managing and migrating databases of large organizations globally
  • Uses Oracle capability of unique automated technology
  • Interactive tools

Global migration expertise

Affinity Software Oracle partnership allows for direct access to Oracle’s Advanced Customer Support Services and Oracle’s migrations experts from Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services for Marvy Infotech to deliver a complete solution. This allows Affinity Software to deliver Oracle Database migrations and improvements safely, rapidly, and at a predictable cost.